Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the length of the illume cable?

illume Pro comes with 10 meters of cable, offering the flexibility to extend the cable length if needed. For the standard version of illume, the cable is 9 meters. To optimize performance, we recommend positioning the solar collector on a north-facing side. Please ensure you assess the required cable length before selecting your illume, for an experience superior to traditional skylights. Note this cable length is from the solar connector to the illume panel. Length may slightly vary due to manufacturing tolerances.

How thick is the illume cable?

The cable is approximately 10mm thick. It is also bendable (to an extent), so you should have no trouble feeding this through your roof cavity to your solar collector.

Difference between illume and illume Pro?

The illume Pro delivers a higher lumen output, ensuring coverage over a larger square meterage. Additionally, with the Pro version, you have the exclusive choice of a surface mounted illume and the flexibility to extend the cables – options unavailable with the Standard illume. Purchase Pro for an enhanced experience.

What happens if my illume solar collector is damaged by hail?

Our illume solar collectors have proven resilient, even in recent severe hailstorms. Should you discover any damage to your illume solar collector, rest assured, as an Australian-made and family-owned business, we have spare parts available. We suggest reaching out to the dealer who installed your illume. If you acquired your illume from another source, please contact us directly, and our dedicated team will be happy to assist you.

What happens if my illume stops working?

We recommend you call your dealer that installed your illume and they will trouble shoot the problem. In the event you purchased your illume elsewhere, you can contact us directly and one of our friendly team can help you out.

What happens if it is cloudy?

Like a traditional skylight, your illume will not be as bright on those full cloudy days, however it will still provide you with enough brightness if sized correctly.

If a bird flies over my solar collector, will I see it inside?

You will not see an outline of a bird / animal, however, you will notice a dip in light output from your illume as a section of the solar collector is shaded.

If a bird flies over my solar collection will I see it inside?

To maximise the solar collector, it should be north facing; as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, hence facing north, the solar collector capitalises on both directions.

Can I get my illume in different colours? Warm light?

Unfortunately, not. illume better than a skylight uses ambient light technology which has a cool white tone.

Can I turn my illume on and off when I like?

Yes, if you use a remote-control dimmer kit. For more information click here.

Is there a battery option with my illume to use it at night?

No, we do not have an illume certified battery option, as it may get too hot in the roof cavity for a battery.

I feel like my illume is too bright, can we do something about this?

Of course! We have an accessory called the illume Remote Dimmer Switch Kit. The dimmer allows you to turn on or off and dim the light.
Click here if you would like more information on our Dimmer Kit

Can I use my illume at night?

Your illume will fade out as the sun goes down, however you have the option to use your illume at night through the AC Driver accessory. (This will connect your illume to mains power).

Please refer to the AC Driver page under accessories to view full detail click here.

Can I place installation over the installed illume?

Yes! It is safe to reinstate the insulation over the back of
the illume. The illume better than a skylight panel has an IC4 – Rating so you can keep your home’s energy efficiency rating in tack.

Do I have to cut a hole in my ceiling?

For those seeking a flush appearance, it will necessitate cutting an opening. However, we offer a "Surface Mount" option that is available in the illume pro series. With this configuration, the illume panel is affixed to the ceiling's surface, rather than being recessed into it.
Please note that once the illume is supplied, it is not feasible to transition between the recessed and surface mount configurations.

How flat does illume sit in the ceiling?

The illume panels have a depth of 10 mm from front to back, mirroring the thickness of standard plaster. This design allows for installation virtually anywhere on the ceiling without concern for underlying beams or battens. This installation method is referred to as the Flush Mount option.

Can I add to my existing illume?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to add an additional illume to any existing system, as the solar collectors are sized to the illume/s sold with the system. Please contact us if you would like to explore our multi-system solution.

How many illume skylight alternative can I run off one solar panel?

Up to nine illume units can be powered from a single compatible solar panel. This configuration, termed a "multisystem", is contingent upon the sizes of the illume panels. Adopting an illume multisystem not only streamlines the installation process but also reduces the aesthetic impact on your home's rooftop. Moreover, a multisystem ensures uniform performance across all units installed within your residence. Please contact us to discuss this custom system so we can ensure that it suits your specific needs.

Is illume Australian Made?

We are proud to state that the illume, better than a skylight, is officially adorned with the esteemed green and gold Kangaroo logo, a certification from the Australian Made Campaign. Our manufacturing hub is situated at our headquarters in Dandenong South, Victoria, Australia.

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