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illume Pro Hybrid AC Driver (SKISAC0208) - To suit 600mm illumes

illume Pro Hybrid AC Driver (SKISAC0208) - To suit 600mm illumes

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Are you seeking a versatile lighting solution that can brighten your spaces both day and night? Discover the elegance and efficiency of illume™, the perfect blend of solar energy and main power connectivity. With our specialized A/C driver kit, you can effortlessly integrate illume™ into your home's electrical system. Experience the luxury of ambient light technology powered by clean solar power during the day and reliable electric light at night. Ideal for walk-in robes and other spaces, illume™ ensures your areas remain light and bright at any time. Embrace the best of both worlds with illume™.


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All illume and related products come with 12 months of warranty.

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illume is proudly Designed and Manufactured in Melbourne Australia

* Guide sizes only - actual measurements may vary due to manufacturing tolerances. These measurements may change without notice.
** Displayed color may differ from actual due to technical differences between camera and display systems. NOTE: illume always recommends the use of an electrician if you are unsure of plug and play systems. NEVER perform unlicensed electrical work. ALWAYS consult a licensed electrician if unsure.