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illume Pro 180 mm Round

illume Pro 180 mm Round

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Elevate your home's ambiance by introducing the illume Pro Skylight Alternative. This advanced skylight alternative solution can be seamlessly integrated into any room, irrespective of the floor it's on, eliminating dim and uninviting areas. illume ensures a harmony between external and internal lighting conditions through its Ambient Light Technology (A.L.T) and solar power technology.


  • illume offers a world first by way of its Ambient Light Technology (A.L.T).
  • Works without installing a solar tube or flexi-shaft.
  • Light output adjusts automatically to match external conditions creating a harmonious balance between indoor/outdoor environments.
  • Easy D.I.Y. Installation, including installation kit, no tradesperson required.
  • Eco-friendly, green product - solar powered, no batteries or AC power required.
  • No UV emissions and no carbon footprint.
  • Does not attract insects and is burglar proof.
  • No heat or noise transfer, no leaks and no more insects in the diffuser (sealed unit).
  • Can be installed in multi-level dwellings.
  • Long 10m heavy-duty cable (longer length available by special order).
  • Larger systems include plugs on the solar collector for ease of installation.
  • Cable can be run during frame stage (not possible with standard system).

Why illume Pro?

The illume Pro system surpasses the standard kit in several aspects. Notably, the illume Pro collection system yields a more luminous light output over its standard counterpart. Moreover, the collection presents a more extensive variety of dimensions, with offerings of surface mount unit options not found in the standard models. Additionally, illume Pro includes a 10-meter heavy-duty cable, which can be laid out independently, especially during the construction phase. Purchase illume Pro today for a Better than a Skylight experience.


    All illume and related products come with 12 months of warranty.

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    Specification Details
    Size* 180 mm
    Actual Frame Size* 180 mm dia.
    Lead Length 10 m
    Colour Temperature 6,500 k
    Lumens 700 lumens
    Illumination Area 2m2
    Frame Colour** White
    Cutout Size* 160 mm dia.

    illume is proudly Designed and Manufactured in Melbourne Australia

    * Guide sizes only - actual measurements may vary due to manufacturing tolerances. These measurements may change without notice.
    ** Displayed color may differ from actual due to technical differences between camera and display systems. NOTE: illume always recommends the use of an electrician if you are unsure of plug and play systems. NEVER perform unlicensed electrical work. ALWAYS consult a licensed electrician if unsure.